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Roof Top Structures
Roof Top Structures
Light Roof Top Structures
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Pre-Fabricated Structures

Light Rooftop Structures

Lambda offers a lightweight airy structure and an efficient temporary room on the terrace. These rooms and halls on roofs can do much of the space-saving utilized for different applications like storage, office space, single-room studios, workplaces, study halls, indoor games, and emergency clinic rooms, These pre-assembled use PUF boards/EPS boards/ Light measure steel outlining structures.

We are the Leading Producer and provider of protected pre-assembled roof structures in India. Our design group plans the prefabricated terrace room designs considering the factors like wind speed, dead and live load which broadens the existence of particular pre-assembled tasks. While planning these prefab rooftop solutions we also consider the elements like natural light and appropriate ventilation for a healthy and energy-saving system.

Benefits of Roof Top Structures - Light weighted Innovation Durable

Our Rooftop structures have an adequate design to withstand local wind conditions, are earthquake & disaster resistant, and give a feeling close to nature.

Sandwich panels used are light weight in nature which will be easy to lift & will be able to install at any height on roof for extension purpose.

Walls & ceilings are strong enough to bear the load of AC’s, LED’s, projectors, smoke detectors, firefighting equipment’s for all your construction & safety needs.

These prefabricated rooftop structures can be dismantle & re-assemble at different construction sites at almost zero cost.

Roof Top Structures
Solar Roof Top Structures

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