Lambda Infratech

Porta Cabins

Porta cabins can be used as prefab site offices, security cabins, cottages...

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Site Offices

Site Offices are used for areas where staff moves around frequently...

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Labour Colonies

Labour Colonies have been catering to a wide range of different industries...

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Clean Rooms

Clean Rooms cater to industries like Pharmaceuticals, Electronics...

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Cold Storages

Cold rooms ensure that airflow speed is in the right accordance...

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Police Barracks

Our modular buildings give special solutions to moving mechanized troop

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Modular Schools & hospitals

Our Pre-Fabricated Schools are a blend of aesthetics & Durability...

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Solar Inverter Rooms

These offer Superior quality, fire resistive capabilities, & weather protection....

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Security Rooms

Our modular Security Rooms give special solutions for Guards...

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Pre Fabricated Canteens

These ensure students have a pleasant lunch in optimal weather...

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Modular E-Toilets

Modular E-Toilets work best where there is limited infrastructure...

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Pre-Engineered Buildings

This Modular construction allows you to move and replenish the PEBs...

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Light Roof Top Structures

These pre-assembled rooftop structures are built using PUF boards...

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