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Lambda Infra manufactures the best quality Glasswool Sandwich Panels which are non-combustible and fire-retardant

Glasswool panels are excellent fire-resistant panels that suffice myriad construction applications. These panels are made from non-flammable glass fiber which prevents the spread of fire. These offer great thermal insulation.

We manufacture the best glass wool panels, which are produced from the finest non-flammable glass fibers. Being cost-effective and durable, glassware serves excellent insulation purposes and being noninflammable acts as a barrier to the spread of fire.

Why Us

Why Us

We Specialize In Sandwich Panels

Fire resistance

The core material of glass wool panels is inflammable & insulating. Thus it prevents flames from spreading and is a viable choice for fire-resistant constructions.

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Thermal insulation

Glasswool is a material renowned for its impeccable thermal insulation properties and water resistance.

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Our panels maintain original form and shape. Being an inorganic substance, chances of wear and tear and very little. The panels are known for their durability and the ability to resist shock and vibrations.

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Glass wool Sandwich Panels

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